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Information About Outdoor Survival:

Making fire for the first time. Part 1
Phil Rose   
Making a fire for the first time without matches or a cigarette lighter is intimidating for most people. It is just something that we are not used to doing. After all, man has been turning a spark or ember into a flame for thousands of year  click for full text

Making cheap multipurpose tinder part 1
Phil Rose   
How to make cheap, safe and reliable multipurpose tinder. This is something you should never be without in the woods.  click for full text

Knives w/ Fire Starter

Anyone who is into outdoor survival or bushcraft could easily tell you what the two most important tools are: a good knife and a reliable fire starter. That's why we put them together!

The P.S.K. (Practical Survival Knife) series of knives all come with our B.S.M. (Backcountry Survival Match) attached to the sheath. They also come with a built in striker on the blades spine. It is placed there to prevent damage to the cutting edge. Also, the handle was designed to be as neutral as possible. This allows the knife to be held in almost any position without developing any hot spots.

To sum it up… these are no frills tools that were designed with only one purpose in mind: to help you get through that trip that went horribly wrong! Now that being said, most of us who venture into the backcountry will never find ourselves in a situation like this. We just hope and pray that we are not the ones that make up the statistics. Possessing the correct knowledge, training and tools simply puts the odds in our favor!

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