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PSK-3/Thorn combo rig

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This is a PSK-3 and Thorn combination set. As you can see from the pictures they are a matched set and the Thorn is attached to the PSK-3 sheath. The Thorn sheath is drilled for a small Tek-Lok (see option pricing below) in case you ever want to carry it separately. Both knives are made out of Bohler-Udeholm's ELMAX and they have a satin finish. The handles are O.D. Canvas Micarta and they have black liners (the PSK-3 has thick 1/8" liners). I currently have only this one set available. So, the first person to complete the checkout gets it. The shipping cost listed is only valid for customers within Continental United States. Also, the shipping cost includes insurance for the full value of the knives, as well as, delivery confirmation.

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