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Current custom knife ordering information.
Phil Rose   

As of 9 August 2012 I am currently accepting a limited amount of orders for the following knives:

In order to increase efficiency, I have changed the ordering process. Every couple of months, I will list here the models that are currently available to order. In other words, this current ordering cycle will consist of the knives listed above, in bold letters. I will also be prototyping new designs while making these various batches. So, keep an eye out for new models becoming available. You will still be able to choose: the knife model, handle material and blade finish. So, very little has actually changed, except the long wait to get your knife. That is the whole reason for this, to shorten delivery time. If you don't see the model currently available that you are interested in, please feel free to use the contact form HERE to send me your questions. Thank you very much.
Phil Rose